Track Welding

thermite welding track rail | JB Railroad Contracting, Inc.

JB Railroad Contracting, Inc. provides track welding services to help keep your railways up to date and low maintenance.

Track welding has quickly become the preferred form of rail construction. It provides a smooth ride and often needs less maintenance. We use this form of welding to create railways you can count on for years to come.

Thermite Welding/Flash-butt Welding

Thermite welding is used to join together heavy steel structures such as rails. It allows trained and certified welders to join together heavy sections of rails to create a strong single section. Thermite is a skilled welding process, and it requires a highly trained welder to perform the welding methods used.

Flash-butt welding is available upon request.

JB Railroad Contracting has the certified and trained welders to assist you in your thermite or flash-butt welding needs. Whether you are creating a new railway or repairing a contracted rail from this winter, we can help bring your railroad back to life. We have the proper equipment to make the job a success every time.

Welder Field Training

JB Railroad Contracting has the ability to offer welders-in-training field experience to further their career and become more knowledgeable with on the job work.

We will cover the ins and outs of on-site welder safety, track inspection, maintenance, material specifications, and much more. Field training allows a trainee to become familiar with what is expected of them when creating and maintaining new railways and tracks.

Welder Training

JB Railroad Contracting has 30 years of welding expertise in house. We offer prospective welders the ability to come and learn from our experts and gain some on the job experience. While we do not provide a welder certification, you can further your training or complete your certification process while learning from some of the best welders in the area.

We offer in-house and/or field training for thermite welding, wire feed welding, and stick welding.

We are also always looking for new talent and reliable welders. We offer flat, horizontal, vertical, and overhead welder training positions.