New Rail Construction

new rail construction | JB Railroad Contracting, Inc.

JB Railroad Contracting, Inc. offers full-service railroad construction out of our Fargo, ND-based home office, for the Upper Midwest as well as the rest of the country.

Track Construction

JB Railroad specializes in constructing new track systems, whether it be short extensions of your current line or miles of new rail for a new project. We understand the unique needs for new rail construction, and we can help you construct railroad track sidings, crossings, and off-loading track areas.

We offer:

  • New track construction
  • Track sidings installation
  • Crossing installations
  • Off-loading track installations
  • Final surfacing
  • Track rehab

Rail Consulting Services

When building a new track, you know there are many things that can go right. The track can be profitable, stand the test of time, be easily built and maintained, etc. There is also the possibility that it could go wrong. There could be little ROI in the investment, it could break constantly, and many more issues.

With JB Railroad Contracting, you can rely on us to help you with these and many more possibilities when deciding on a new rail project. We offer comprehensive rail consulting services for new and old tracks. We can help you make the decisions that will lead to a profitable project and one that can stand the wear of years.

Welder Training Consulting

JB Railroad Contracting also offers a consulting service to make sure your welders are trained to meet the goals and needs of your company. We will evaluate the level of the welder and assist with training to get them to the level you need in order to satisfy the needs of the company. We offer training for all levels of welders and can help you get the quality out of your project and the employees you hire.