Rail Alignment Jacks

rail alignment jack | JB Railroad Contracting, Inc.

Rail alignment jacks are a patented product that JB Railroad Contracting, Inc. created in order to assist them with aligning of the rail and welder. This versatile product soon proved to be a great asset in the field, and we decided to market it to railroad companies and private contractors in the country.

Rail alignment jacks have been in the field since 2013. The first prototypes were in the field in 2011, and 2013 was the first full year of marketing for the product. With a lot of positive feedback from consumers, we believe this product will help many private contractors and railroad companies in the repair of their tracks.

The jacks are very easy and safe to use. They are versatile in many aligning and welding situations, including out of track repair, switch repair, frog repair, and concrete tie areas. Jacks also work very well in puller situations, either set up inside the puller or on each end.

We stock all the custom parts needed for aligners and also offer complete onsite training upon request.

Quantity pricing available. Limited warranty.

Rail Alignment Jacks for Your Track Alignment Needs

  • Increase productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Safer than wedge style aligning
  • Accessories available for most aligning and welding applications, including concrete tie, frog repair, and puller situations
  • Quality construction: built to last
  • Replacement parts available if product is damaged
  • Purchase direct from the manufacturer and shipped to your location
  • Complete onsite training available: We will send a representative to your location for a demonstration of the products